Pool Handrail Installation

Pool Handrail Installation & Maintenance Service

Swimming pool and spa handrails lend physical support and are a critical access point upon entering and exiting aquatic areas by visitors! Another beneficial aspect of integrating handrails is that they assist with aquatic joint therapy treatments, fitness regimens, physical rehabilitation, and physical disabilities. Delivering extra safety measures for all ages entering and departing swimming pools while averting accidental falls!

We install swimming pool and spa hand railings for indoor and outdoor swimming pools, spas, commercial use, hotels, water parks, fitness facilities, apartments, condominiums, country clubs, and resorts.

Get Your Pools Handrails Serviced Properly

Like other pool equipment, it's important to clean and care for handrails properly. In properly balanced water, the metals should not corrode or rust. However, when chemicals or pH is off, the metals can be damaged. We will remove the handrails from their installation points and clean with a phosphoric acid gel, like naval jelly, and a plastic scouring pad. After rinsing we apply a protective layer of car wax. For seasonal pool service on commercial pools, this is a particularly important step during the opening and closing process.

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