Get Rid of Green Hair from Pools

There is no shortage of fresh hair color trends and ideas right now.  From subtle lilac to hot pink, you can choose whatever color suits your unique personality.

But chances are good you won’t pick a green, sickly tint to add to your hair. After a season of swimming, you may discover that your hair color has been affected by your time in the water, especially if your hair is meant to be blonde. While other hair colors can turn green, it is not as detectable.

green hair from poolWhat Causes Green Hair From Pools

The tendency is to blame chlorine for green hair from pools. But chlorine does not directly cause hair to turn green. In actuality, oxidized metals (copper) in swimming pool water bind to your hair’s protein and deposit color.

If you have ever seen an old penny, you’ve seen that copper easily succumbs to oxidation. And while it might look elegant on the Statue of Liberty, green hair caused by oxidation is cringe-worthy.

Green hair from swimming pools is also caused by imbalanced pH levels. Imbalanced water rids itself of excess, leaving suspended copper to attach to your hair.

Treating the Problem of Green Hair from Pools

To solve green hair woes, there are as many suggested remedies as there are hair shades. From crushed aspirin to a ketchup shampoo, you’ll find all kinds of recommendations to remove the undesired green tint. But, do you really want to smell like tomatoes until your next shampoo?

While you can try some V8 juice, lemons or cola, the best way to remedy green hair from pools is to use a good demineralizing shampoo or visit your favorite salon for a professional solution.

green pool hairPreventing Green Hair from Pools

Of course, preventing green hair from pools in the first place is a much better way to maintain the correct shade of your hair. There are several steps you can take to keep oxidization at bay.

If you’re a swimming pool owner, you can start by getting your pool professionally checked for metals and pH balance. Keeping water chemistry correctly balanced will not only ensure your hair stays the correct color, it can also prevent pool stains, plaster greying, and pool equipment corrosion.

Copper-based algaecide is effective at killing algae, but overuse can cause an imbalance. Make sure you understand how to test your pool water regularly or consult a pool care professional for assistance with swimming pool chemical balancing.

There are also treatments available to pool owners that will remove excess metals and minerals, such as a chelating agent. But use additional chemicals with care, or consult with a pool expert first.

Don’t become “jaded” by pool ownership. If you find that owning a pool is becoming unmanageable, or you’re not sure how to balance your pool water correctly, contact the pros at Premier Pool Service. We offer FREE consultations and freedom from pool chores.

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