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How to Drain a Pool/Lower Water Levels

Why Drain a Pool? There are several reasons why you may need to drain a pool, or, rather, lower the water levels. If your pool needs repairs or resurfacing, you may need to have it drained. But the number one reason you may need to drain a pool is excess water after a storm.

Green Hair From Pools

Get Rid of Green Hair from Pools There is no shortage of fresh hair color trends and ideas right now.  From subtle lilac to hot pink, you can choose whatever color suits your unique personality. But chances are good you won’t pick a green, sickly tint to add to your hair. After a season

Stormy Weather and Swimming Pool Safety

Pool Safety During Thunderstorms and Lightning In many parts of the US, ‘tis the season for stormy weather. Whether you’re experiencing a deluge of rain or dealing with that white stuff you have to shovel, stormy weather can really affect pool safety. Swimming pool safety is of utmost importance during stormy weather that includes

Swimming Pool Bugs – Unwelcome Guests in Your Pool

Spending time outdoors can be rejuvenating, but often, time spent outside can mean you have to contend with annoying insects. Your swimming pool is not immune to visits from outdoor creatures, including swimming pool bugs. The presence of swimming pool bugs will definitely make your pool less appealing and can turn your plan of

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