Chemical Shortage Update | Premier Pool Service from Premier Pools & Spas on Vimeo.

The United States is currently experiencing a chemical shortage that directly affects our industry. Shortages and major price increases are in store for everybody who depends on these chemicals. We here at Premier Pools and Spas are committed to navigating this shortage and bringing you the best service we possibly can.

The crisis began with Covid. It drove everyone into the backyard, spending more time enjoying their pool. This increased chemical demand while the demand for building new swimming pools also increased, creating more pools that need to be cleaned, making the chemical shortage even more drastic.

All of this created a 30% increase in demand for water chemistry products and chlorine. 

In addition, we had the Bio-Lab chemical fire, which destroyed a third of our chemical supply in the United States. Specifically chlorine tablets. This caused a price hike of 70%, and the shortages just got worse from there. 

Why are chlorine tablets such a big deal? 

We use them in a critical way, and that is to make sure your pool has ongoing sanitization in between visits to keep it clear and sparkling clean.

Premier’s advantage is that we have to best trained technicians in the game. We have a library of video training that they go through to stay on top of the latest techniques to keep your pool clean. We also keep them in the know about what’s going on in the industry with regular bulletins.

The other part of our advantage that makes us the best in the industry is our buying power. Premier is always first in line during boom times and during shortages–when the product is available, we are the first to get it.

Outsourcing a Solution

We are currently trying to outsource outside of the country as a workaround temporarily. That includes reaching out to literally every continent to see if they have the chlorine we need. 

We’re also looking into switching to other sanitizers like granular chlorine. We’re going to mechanical types of pool filtration using Ozone generators, UV technology, salt-water chlorine, mineral cartridges.

These things are designed to decrease the demand for chlorine while still keeping your pool healthy and clean.

Another advantage is that your Premier franchise is your neighbor. These locally owned offices have their finger on the pulse of what’s going on locally with weather conditions and anything else that affects your pool. They know what’s happening with your local distribution and supply & demand. They can take care of your needs better than anybody else in this industry.

You are in the front of the line with Premier Pool Service.

We are being affected by this shortage, too. Nothing saddens us more than being unable to give our customers everything they need when they need it to enjoy their pool.

If we stick together and communicate with one another, we can get through this together, and your swimming pool will look even better than before.