How Do I Save Money on Pool Maintenance?

A pool can become a money pit if you neglect it, but it doesn’t have to be. A well-maintained pool will cost you less in the long run, and always be ready for action–whether that be a pool party in the summer or your annual Christmastime polar bear plunge to prove you’re still a man.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure (or in this case, chlorine). The following steps will save you money in the long run and keep your backyard oasis looking pristine.

1. Regular Maintenance

When it comes to saving a buck, skimping on pool maintenance is not the way. If you don’t take care of your investment, you’ll slowly wind up with a pond in your backyard and perhaps some wildlife throwing their own pool party.

You’re not alone when it comes to keeping up on maintenance. Investing in regular service from a pool professional will save you money. You already know why regular maintenance will save you the headache of costly repairs and keep your pool from being unusable at the worst possible time. But you may be asking yourself, “how is paying  for maintenance I can do myself going to save me money?”

We hear you. Here at Premier, we appreciate homeowners with a DIY spirit. But pool maintenance can become a headache if you don’t stay on top of it, and a pool professional will notice things happening to your pool that you may not have noticed. After all, this is what they do all day, every day, and nobody expects you to be a full-time pool maintenance guru.

Plus, when life gets hectic, or you find yourself traveling a lot, you’ll have a professional making sure your backyard oasis is always in good condition.

But pool service costs money, and this is an article about saving money. So if you have maintenance under control, here are a few more things that can help your money stay in your wallet.

2. Use an Energy-Efficient Pump

As mentioned in a previous article, variable-speed pumps are your best bet for maximum efficiency and lower cost of operation in the long run. A variable-speed pump is programmable to run at a wide range of speeds at different times of day, saving energy costs and extending the life of your motor.

Depending on your state, you may qualify for an energy rebate.

3. Don’t Over Clean

This one’s for the obsessive-compulsive pool owners out there.

A clean pool is obviously a good thing, but there is such a thing as over-cleaning. Running your filter nonstop or applying chemicals too frequently isn’t necessary and will wind up costing you too much money. Talk to your pool service tech about how often you should perform each maintenance step and stick to a schedule.

Pro Tip: Keeping a maintenance log can help you see on paper how often you’re cleaning your pool, and it can also act as a reminder.

4. Don’t Run Your Filter More Than Necessary

Setting it and forgetting it can be a costly mistake with pool filters.

You only need to run your filter when it’s being used, so try to determine the regular usage times and set your filter to only run during that time. Now sit back and watch the money stay in your bank account.

5. Use a Pool Cover

Freeze Prevention discussed the benefits of a pool cover during winter—but using a pool cover year-round can also reduce energy costs by slowing down evaporation and keeping your pool warmer without using your heater.

Pro Tip: Look into solar pool covers for more energy savings.

6. Turn Off Water Features When Not In Use

Waterfalls, bubblers, and other water features turn your pool into an art installation. However, when you’re not hosting, those beautiful features consume a lot of energy and increase the rate of evaporation, so turning them off will lower your energy bill.


With these six steps, you can set yourself up for time and money savings while keeping your pool in good condition for years to come. Check to see if Premier Pool Service is available in your area.